• Discover the salesperson's "greatest tool." (The answer may surprise you!)
  • Take a short quiz to determine what's standing in the way of closing your sales.
  • Discover the "Four Qualities of Sales Brilliance" and learn to cultivate them in yourself.
  • Why you should never contact a customer or potential customer without a Sales Call Objective in mind.
  • Determine the six steps of this sales approach: Identify Yourself. Create Interest. Determine Needs. Find Solutions. Close the Sale. Manage Objections.
  • How to avoid the five most serious errors people make when introducing themselves. (Anyone could cost you the entire sale.)
  • Selling Backwards--the "secret weapon" employed by many brilliant salespeople.
  • Master the five-step formula for handling objections and reaching agreement.
  • Discover why, next to a "Yes," an objection is the closest thing to a sale.

" Almost everyone can sell! You just need to become convinced of your product and want to help your customer."              

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